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Brought to you by You Okay, Doc? in partnership with #FirstRespondersFirst - an initiative of Thrive Global, The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the CAA Foundation.

Bringing together healthcare professionals, mental health experts, athletes and wellness gurus, The Toolkit Webinar Series will explore topics to empower and provide the right tools for healthcare professionals to look after their own mental health.

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Our Speakers

7pm Thursday, 4 March 2021

Navigating Change - A conversation with Julia Samuel MBE & Dr. Punam Krishan

In this conversation Julia Samuel, Dr. Punam Krishan and Chris Cherry shared their practical advice and insights on how to navigate change - how to cope with the unexpected and thrive within ever-changing environments.

About Julia Samuel MBE

Julia is a leading Grief & Change Psychotherapist and best-selling author of ‘This Too Shall Pass’ & ‘Grief Works’.

About Dr. Punam Krishan

NHS GP, Senior Clinical Lecturer at Glasgow University and Media Doctor.

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6:15pm Thursday, 29 April 2021

Developing the Moral Code & The Medical Covenant

About Prof. Neil Greenberg
Professor of Defence Mental Health at King’s College London, Royal College of Psychiatrists Lead for Trauma and the Military and former military psychiatrist.

About Prof. Shekhar Saxena
Professor Saxena is the former World Health Organisation Director for Mental Health and the current Professor of Global Mental Health at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - through which he is a leading voice for First Responders First. He has dedicated his life to promoting the importance of mental health globally and played a critical role in the shift of culture and stigma attached to mental health.

More details to be announced.

Please send your questions for the Q&A session to [email protected]


Our Host

Chris Cherry

Chris is a Founding Trustee of You Okay, Doc? and a qualified integrative psychotherapist with over 30 years' experience. He is fully registered with the UK Council of Psychotherapy and has worked in a variety of clinical settings including the NHS, the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as founding and coordinating a number of organisations.

His work has also extended to a variety of appearances on a wide range of TV and radio programmes including ‘The Truth About Men’ on ITV, Radio 4 and BBC Radio Berkshire. Chris has worked with a broad range of emotional issues ranging from anxiety to addictions and with these experiences he will provide valuable insight into tailoring specific products to support doctors’ mental health.

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