The Huddle

The Huddle

If you are a doctor or medical student, then we welcome you to come join us at our weekly online medics “Huddle”. Here, you can chat informally and confidentially with other doctors about life as a medic. We host these as Zoom meetings.

The “Huddle” is a SAFE SPACE for doctors to chat in a private group about things that are not often freely talked-about elsewhere:

Talk about what challenges you are facing.

Share advice and tips from other doctors.

Do you wonder if you could have handled a case or situation differently?*

Chat about the effects of being a doctor on your home life and general well-being.

When do Huddles happen?

Huddles are held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7pm (British Time).

How do I join in?

Just click the link below for the date you would like to attend. You’ll go to Eventbrite, where you can register to get your free ticket emailed over to you.

Is it free?


You Okay Doc foots the bill through the kind help of our sponsors and kind donations to the charity.

Can I join in anonymously?

YES, that is absolutely fine. If you do not want to share your stories, you can mute your screen, and even turn off the camera. Some people prefer this – especially initially – so that they can learn about other peoples’ experiences without feeling too exposed. The first step towards normalising mental health and well-being chats between doctors is to attend. If you want to participate later in the meeting,  just unmute!

Who leads the Huddle Zoom meetings?

The group is led by doctors from the You Okay Doc team, and our charity’s highly experienced resident psychotherapist, Chris Cherry. Chris is great at helping participants in the Huddles summarise what they are thinking; make astute observations, and give further support if needed.

What’s it like?

It’s a Zoom chat, so everyone can be unmuted and can speak, if they want. It’s a lot like a Balint group, but with the flexibility to discuss situations both inside and out of your work life. The group is usually full of friendly doctors, and there’s always at least one charity ambassador (a doctor linked to You Okay Doc). Chris Cherry, our resident psychotherapist, really guides discussions and encourages all the doctors to say what they need without feeling over-exposed.

All the doctors and students going the chats have common ground, being medics. It often feels like a supportive, non-judgemental environment. Best of all, often doctors tell a story thinking they are alone in that experience or their feelings – then realise that quite a few others present feel (or have felt) the same way! We love promoting open discussion and reflection in the Huddles.

How many doctors can join the Huddle each week?

We can have up to 25 doctors and medical students participate in the Wednesday Huddle. If you attend one week, there is NO OBLIGATION to join in again (…but you will probably want to!)

Whether or not you participate in Huddles, if you feel like you would like to donate any money to help keep these services running for the mental well-being of our hard-working doctors and medical-students, then please click here. Your kind donations are greatly appreciated.

Upcoming dates

Click on your preferred date below to be taken to the Eventbrite registration form. There, you can sign up to join in that Huddle COMPLETELY FREE. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


The Huddle 14th April 2021

The Huddle 21st April 2021

The Huddle 28th April 2021

The Huddle 5th May 2021

The Huddle 12th May 2021

The Huddle 19th May 2021

The Huddle 26th May 2021


*The GMC guidance on maintaining patient anonymity must always be strictly maintained.

Huddle Video

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