About Us

So here's the thing...

How often do we visit our doctor for guidance on our health, however, who asks after the doctor's health? When faced with life or death situations on a daily basis, that demands scrupulous attention to detail, across unsocial shift patterns; the option of ‘normal’ life seems unimaginable.

In the last decade alone we have seen a rise in mental health issues for those working in healthcare. A recent study by the British Medical Association identified that almost 80% of all doctors are at high risk of burnout. An issue that used to arrive at the maturity of one's career, is now common in its nascency and is equating to growing rates of suicide.

How do we solve it?

With a growing crisis around a serious issue, there is an urgent need to tackle the cultural taboos, training and opinions that are associated with mental health in our industry.

We are committed to not only supporting Doctors' Mental Health through services like The Huddle, but also empowering Doctors' Wellbeing through bespoke mental and emotional health aids.

Unite a safe community – for doctors to meet, find the right tools and feel heard

Support Doctors’ Mental Health and Empower their Wellbeing – via bespoke services and tools created by doctors and experts in the fields of emotional and mental health

Facilitate Research and Partnerships – to culturally shift how mental health is approached and continually review our impact

A question I realised I needed to ask myself more. A question we need to ask each other in a job that puts ever-increasing demands on us.
You okay, Doc?

- Dr Mark Seaman, GP Trainee